Towards Development of Open and FAIR Digital Humanities Ecosystem in Latvia (DHELI)

Year 2022 Dec–2025 Dec
Funding State Research Programme
Digital Humanities
Partners Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art UL, Livonian institute UL, Latvian Language Institute UL, Riga Technical University, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, National Library of Latvia
Abstract The aim of the project is to advance digital humanities scholarship in Latvia providing a balanced programme in order to (1) support the development of the existing digital resources and tools intended for humanities avoiding uneven development and enhancing their usage in research and education; (2) prevent fragmentation and unnecessary duplication of DH resources and tools by establishing partnerships and productive alliances between institutions that aggregate similar data; (3) ensure wider visibility, support Open Science and follow FAIR principles, as well as facilitate interoperability of digital resources for humanities and their inclusion in international research infrastructures; (4) promote DH research and education in Latvia, including promoting and strengthening of DH research community in Latvia, and (5) provide necessary guidance for developers of digital resources and tools for humanities, policymakers and decisionmakers, researchers, and other target groups on effective support of digital humanities, development and cooperation.