S. Rikacovs

Journal Articles

K. Cerans, G. Barzdins, G. Bumans, J. Ovcinnikova, S. Rikacovs, A. Romane, M. Zviedris
A relational database semantic re-engineering technology and tools
Baltic Journal of Modern Computing, 2(3), 2014
G. Barzdins, S. Rikacovs, M. Veilande, M. Zviedris
Ontological re-engineering of medical databases
Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Section B: Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences, 63(45), 2009

Conference Papers

K. Cerans, G. Barzdins, R. Liepins, J. Ovcinnikova, S. Rikacovs, A. Sprogis
Graphical schema editing for StarDog OWL/RDF databases using OWLGrEd/S
Proceedings of the Workshop on OWL: Experiences and Directions (OWLED), 2012
G. Barzdins, S. Rikacovs, M. Zviedris
Graphical query language as SPARQL frontend
Proceedings of the 13th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS), 2009