Pēteris Paikens
Dr. sc. comp., senior researcher


Year Title Funding
2023–2026 Language Technology Initiative European Union (EU)
2021–2023 Automated Wireless Security Analysis of Wearable Devices (WearSec) Latvian Council of Science
2020–2022 Latvian WordNet and Word Sense Disambiguation Latvian Council of Science
2018–2020 Latvian Language Understanding and Generation in Human-Computer Interaction Latvian Council of Science
2016–2019 Full Stack of Language Resources for Natural Language Understanding and Generation in Latvian (FullStack-LV) European Regional Development Fund
2013–2013 Exploring the Potential of Automatic Information Extraction for Latvian Media Monitoring European Regional Development Fund
2011–2013 Semantic Database Platform for Domain Experts (SemDB) European Regional Development Fund
2012–2012 Development of Latvian Language Processing Tools for Resource Discovery European Regional Development Fund
2009–2012 Application of factored methods in English-Latvian statistical machine translation system Latvian Council of Science
2005–2009 Research and Development of the Semantic Web Technologies for Latvia (SemTi-Kamols) State Research Programme