Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Founded in 1992, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AiLab) at IMCS, University of Latvia conducts research on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) in several directions:

AiLab has recently implemented multiple research and market-oriented projects on large-scale information extraction and speech recognition. In cooperation with National Information Agency LETA, we are handling big data problems arising in the media monitoring business. This successful collaboration has allowed LETA to join a large EU Horizon 2020 project on Scalable Understanding of Multilingual Media (SUMMA), together with leading European universities, BBC, Deutsche Welle and others. Researchers from AiLab are involved.

In parallel, we have developed a text processing system for National Library of Latvia, dealing with part-of-speech tagging and named-entity recognition in a billion word corpus of OCR-scanned texts. We also collaborate with Riga Stradins University, developing platforms for monitoring user-generated content in news portal communities and for analysing transcripts of parliament debates. Likewise, we collaborate with an international defence organisation to develop tools for tracking and countering online disinformation.

AiLab has also an extensive experience in the area of cross-lingual knowledge representation and text generation, collaborating with researchers from University of Gothenburg and other scientific institutions.

Our researchers successfully participate in international NLP and ML competitions like SemEval and TAC KBP. At SemEval-2016, our team achieved the top result in the task on Meaning Representation Parsing, while at SemEval-2017 - the top result in the subtask on AMR-to-English Generation.

Currently we are implementing a large industry-oriented research project to create a Full Stack of Latvian Language Resources for Natural Language Understanding and Generation.

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